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Welcome to the home page of the Government Railway Police , Vadodara, Gujarat .

  You will need to install hindi fonts to see this site . Click here to download the fonts and here to know how to install the fonts . It will take you only 5 minutes ! (We express our gratitude to Mr. Jasjeet Singh Thind of for giving us permission to use their fonts .) If you have the correct fonts installed , you should be able to read the welcome message shown below :


es vybswet pr Awpkw hwid~k vwgq hY !

While the buttons have been designed in Hindi , if you place your mouse over any of the buttons , the pop - up message defining the button will be displayed in English .

Click on me to register your complaint !

Click on the Daily Crime Report button to know about the daily crimes and the progress of investigation.

'' fYlI rIpot~ '' btn pr #lIk krny sy Awp hr roj kI bnqI vwrdwqo ky bwry my< jwnkwrI ly skqy hY [

Click on the Arrested Criminals button to get to know about the criminals , their M.O. and other particulars of the arrested criminals .

" guNhygwr " btn pr #lIk krny sy Awp hr pRkwr ky AwropIXo ky bwry my< jwnkwrI pRwÎq kr skqy hY [

Click on Unidentified Dead Bodies button to get to know the unidentified dead bodies found all over Gujarat State - be it any district or Commissionerate of Gujarat !

" m÷q " btn pr #lIk krny sy gujrwq rwÈX my< pwe~ ge~ vh lwSy, ijnkI phcwn nhI ho pwe~ hY anky bwry my jwnkwrI iml skqI hY [

Click on the Recovered Property button to get to know of the property recovered by us during investigation of crime .

Click on the Recovered Vehicles button to know of the vehicles recovered by us .

" vwhn " btn pr #lIk krny sy pRwÎq huE vwhno kI jwnkwrI iml skqI hY [

Click on the General Information button for information on administrative matters , phone numbers etc . ..

" jwnkwrI " btn pr #lIk krny sy vhIvtI AOr Pon< n<bro kI jwnkwrI iml skqI hY [


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