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1) Click here to download the fonts if you have not already done so ;
2) Now unzip the downloaded font using any unzip facility - WinZip is good enough ;
3) Once the file is unzipped , you would see a file named AnmHindi in the folder where you have stored the unzipped file ;
4) The AnmHindi file is a TT file . Copy this file by first selecting the file by clicking on it and then clicking on the 'Copy' icon at the top of the page .
5) Now go to the "C" drive . In the "C" drive double-click on the Windows folder .
6) Now locate the Fonts folder and double click on it .
7) Click on the Paste icon at the top of the page to paste the AnmHindi font in the folder .
8) You have now installed the required font on to your computer and are now ready to see this site .



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